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Animoto Video of The Places I Have Traveled

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Welcome to Andrew's Wiki !!!!

This page you will see all of the projects and items that were created in Multimedia. You can click on the links to see the types of things I created in Multimedia. Above you can see a Tagxedo of a dog. Inside the dog there are words that describe me and what I like. Take a look at my projects that I have been doing in class.

Cover Page

Below is the Microsoft word document of my cover page for Multimedia. This cover page is about the things I like.

ABC Booklet

Below is a document of the ABC Booklet project, the booklet is about the types of cars from A-Z. I chose this because I like cars.

Powerpoint Presentation

Below is a powerpoint document about The Signing of the Declaration of Independence. I chose this topic because I think it was interesting to learn about.